Traavista Partner with us

Traavista Hotels & Resorts aspires to be the fastest growing chain of luxury hotels in the world. Focused on small-format with the emphasis being on highly personalized and exclusive services for top-end business travellers, Traavista has carved out a unique positioning in the market.

While none of the major global hotel chains have shown inclination or expertise in the economics and viability of designing, developing, managing and marketing high-end luxury hotels with less than 100 rooms, Traavista has focused on mastering this niche space.

Our processes, systems and entire business architecture is oriented towards designing, developing, project managing, launching, selling, marketing, operating and managing luxury 5-star hotels/4 star hotels that are less than 100 rooms. With this laser-sharp focus on small-format properties, Traavista has been able to establish unparalleled expertise in this segment.

Whether it’s the staffing or the financial management or sales or marketing or public relations, Traavista understands the small-format space and its unique requirements for success. We have also established partnerships with amongst the strongest network of service providers and consultants in the hospitality space (see our Partners), thereby bringing in expertise, knowledge and distribution capabilities that independent boutique hotels can only dream of.

If you have an existing hotel (less than 100 rooms) or a plot of land (500 sq mtrs to 5,000 sq mtrs) or building shell/ structure (20,000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft) and are interested in developing a luxury, boutique hotel, please approach us at